A Family Tradition

Hello my new friend,

The day you were born is special and should be celebrated in a unique way. Lots of families have birthday traditions, and I would like to share my family's birthday tradition with you.

Our tradition began when my daughter, Megan, was ten years old. All she ever wanted for her birthday was a puppy. But every year, her birthday would come and go--with no puppy.

When her birthday wish finally came true, she was delighted. For her tenth birthday, she received Bradykin, the magical Coton de Tulear, as a present. As you can imagine, it was her favorite birthday present that year.

This year, Bradykin can help you celebrate your special birthday with Bradykin is Celebrating a Birthday Tradition, bring you happiness with Happiness Year-Round with Bradykin, or uncover your family tree with Meet Bradykin's Family. I hope you enjoy all the Bradykin stories and make Bradykin a part of your family's annual traditions.

Wishing you a magical day,

Susan Downing

~Bringing happiness to billions of children around the world.

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