My Secret to Finding Joy in the Journey

Hello my new friend,

You have the power to MANIFEST great things using the Law of Attraction! You can manifest anything you desire. You can manifest the highest grades in school, you can be a great athlete, musician, gymnast or even the kindest person. I will show you how I manifested a wonderful family vacation. Follow along as I show you the 4 Steps I used to Manifest: Ask, Believe, Align and Receive.

1.) Ask-You can ask or wish for something.
2.) Believe -Raise your vibration through happiness.
3.) Align- Act as if your wish has already been granted.
4.) Receive-Your wish is granted.

Secrets along the way will also be revealed so you will know that you are on the right track. These secrets are found in my four Bradykin stories. Some of the secrets such as the pigeon, dragonfly and butterfly are listed on the bookmark provided with your story. These secrets can also be found if you take a walk, hike, or just sit in nature. These secrets are proof that your wish has been heard and manifestation is on its way.

Learning these steps and recognizing these signs make it easier for you to navigate through life with joy, love and most of all true happiness. You will be able to find joy in your journey as you become aware of the real secrets and one of the great laws of the Universe using the Law of Attraction.

Wishing you a Life full of Secrets, Signs, and Symbolism,


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